A Message to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard – Book Review

Title and Author: A Bulletin to Garcia by Elbert Hubbard- Book Review

Synopsis of Content:

In February 1899 publisher, columnist and “New Thought” philosopher Elbert Hubbard wrote a actual abbreviate little adventure about an accident in the Spanish American War. That abbreviate story, which if aboriginal appear in Hubbard’s magazine, Philistine, did not even accept a title.

The abbreviate adorning adventure is about Lt. Andrew Summers Rowan. He was alleged aloft by President McKinley to bear a appropriate bulletin to General Garcia. Garcia was a key amateur in the Cuban coup armament that the United States affiliated with during the war. As the war began it was analytical for the President to get a bulletin to Garcia to analyze an accord with him in the conflict. Garcia was authority up in the limited boscage in Cuba. No one had absolute admission to him. There was no way to get mail to him or forward a telegraph. No one in the US government in fact knew area he was located, or whether he confused regularly.

The President gave Rowan a bulletin in a waterproof bag and directed him to bear it to Garcia. Rowan asked no questions and fabricated no objections. He larboard anon on his mission. Four canicule after he landed by night on the Cuban coast. He abolished into the boscage on bottom with no assistance, no added advice and no way to acquaint with the alfresco world. Three weeks after he came out of the boscage on the added ancillary of the island accepting delivered the bulletin as ordered.

Hubbard uses this arresting adventure to authenticate the actual top amount of a man who takes on an assignment, asks no questions, asks for no help, makes no altercation that he is not the being for the job, and just does it. He finds Garcia on his own, delivers the bulletin and allotment to address success. No objections and no excuses are made.

Such adeptness and assurance is attenuate in people. In the article he goes on to accord added examples in accustomed business area humans accustomed a simpler assignment accomplish excuses or riddle their bang-up with questions or apprehend anyone abroad to do the job for them. He contrasts actuality the amazing ability of Rowan with the anemic way so abounding humans acknowledge if beatific on a mission, be it baby or large. He discusses how admired a man like Rowan is – a man (and today it would of advance cover a woman) who if accustomed a assignment gets down to it appropriate abroad and completes it. Such a being is different and invaluable. Such a being rarely finds himself unemployed. Humans like this are in top appeal everywhere and at every time.

Within a abbreviate time publishers were bombarding Hubbard for copies of the story. The NY Central Railroad ordered a hundred thousand copies. Eventually they appear over three and a bisected actor copies. The administrator of the Russian railway admired the adventure so abundant he had it translated into Russian and accustomed to every agent of the railroad.

The adventure catholic from Russia to Germany, again to France, Spain, Turkey, Hindustan and China – in all these places it was appear and awash by the thousands.

During the Russo-Japanese war the Russian government provided a archetype to every Russian soldier. If the Japanese begin it they translated into Japanese and gave it to every Japanese soldier. Ultimately over 40 actor copies of this little adventure were printed and distributed.

During the aboriginal division of the 20th aeon this little adventure became one of the a lot of adorning belief appear in the world. It was accounting in one hour and takes beneath than a bisected hour to read. Yet it provides a abstruse apprenticeship on how to become an invaluable agent and an afflatus to anyone who seeks to accomplish abundant things.


Just as it did in 1899 A Bulletin to Garcia is both a amazing advisory chiral on how one can become an invaluable assistant of others and an adorning piece. Everyone can account from spending a few account to apprehend it.

Readability/Writing Quality:

The adventure is abbreviate and able-bodied written.

Notes on Author:

Elbert Hubbard was built-in in Illinois and with alone a brand academy apprenticeship he became a acknowledged self-made man. He was a avid clairvoyant who always bigger his own abilities and knowledge. He created the Roycroft Shop, a publishing house. He wrote 182 biographies of acknowledged people. He appear two magazines, The Philistine and The Fra. Hubbard and his wife died on the way to England in 1915 while sailing on the Lusitania which was sunk by a German torpedo.

Three Abundant Ideas You Can Use:

1. If accustomed a assignment to accomplish do not object, adjournment or seek help. Rather, authenticate how reliable you are by assuming the assignment abundantly and agilely so that you will be apparent as a reliable person.

2. Do not accomplish excuses. Get the job done and done right. It will pay you aback a hundred fold.

3. No one is awful adored for characterless or “satisfactory” work. We are adored for accomplishing added than we are asked to do, accomplishing it added abundantly than one ability apprehend and accomplishing it fully. If you wish to accomplish in business and in activity you have to angle out as anyone who will do added than the boilerplate person.

Publication Information:

A Bulletin to Garcia is in the accessible domain. The announcement adaptation I apprehend is appear by Executive Books in 2002.